YouTube removes MrBeast’s RECORD ‘7 Days Stranded At Sea’ video as Motion Design host files copyright claim

Media platforms are infamous for their takedowns and bans. Many streamers and YouTubers have fallen victim to this indiscriminate ban in the past. Media platforms don’t look twice, even if the person is a low-captioned YouTuber or the biggest YouTuber in the world. This is what happened recently. YouTube has removed MrBeast’s video “7 Days Stranded at Sea” due to copyright claims.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has always been popular as one of the top YouTubers. Additionally, the YouTuber recently passed PewDiePie in the race for subscribers and claimed the top spot. However, despite all the success he has received so far, Jimmy also gets entangled in a lot of drama. Plus, it’s never sad for fans to see their favorite content creator come under scrutiny.

Recently, Virtual Dining Concepts counter-sued Jimmy for a whopping $100 million. And since then, the YouTuber has been fighting lawsuits. There were a lot of spectacular things for him too, over the course of a few days, with the making of a collaboration video with PewDiePie and his first encounter with him despite years of friendship. However, bad luck catches up with him very quickly.

YouTubed has banned MrBeast’s second recent video, titled “7 Days Stranded at Sea”, due to a copyright claim. Moreover, this news was much more shocking for the fans, considering that this video broke the world record for the most viewed video in less than 24 hours.

Snapshot from the video “7 Days Stranded At Sea” (credits: MrBeast on YouTube)

Fans can no longer find MrBeast’s second recent video, “7 Days Stranded At Sea,” on YouTube. This is because YouTube took down the video due to copyright infringement claims. The video was posted on Jimmy’s official website Youtube channel on August 5 and quickly flourished in views. A user by the name of Tsuriel Designs observed that a member of the MrBeast team seemed to have borrowed one of their animations without asking them first in response to a post in which MrBeast celebrated setting a YouTube record. .

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In response to the Tweet, the Twitter user wrote, ” Hey! Looks like someone on the editing team took my animation for this video without compensation or permission. » The two-second animation depicts a smartphone button transforming from a moon to a sun to represent the passage of time for Mr. Beast’s stranded crew. Many viewers are discussing the appropriateness of claiming an entire video over a two-second animation in response to the copyright infringement claim. And it generated a lot of discussion online.

Lead author Tsuriel Designs has yet to comment on the ban. Plus, even MrBeast has to give his opinion on this. Many expect the designer to be paid sanely for the design, while many question the authenticity of the 2-second clip. Either way, though, fans probably wouldn’t see the video on YouTube anytime soon.

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