Who Done It Puzzle Games


Who Done It puzzle games, also known as mystery games or detective games, are a popular genre of interactive puzzles where players must use their investigative skills to solve a crime or a mystery. These games offer an immersive experience, challenging players to think critically, analyze clues, and unravel the truth.

The Concept

In Who Done It puzzle games, players are typically presented with a scenario where a crime has been committed. It could be a murder, theft, or any other mysterious event. The objective is to identify the perpetrator or solve the mystery by collecting and examining various clues, interrogating suspects, and deducing logical conclusions based on the available evidence.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Who Done It puzzle games often feature a combination of point-and-click mechanics, hidden object searches, and puzzle-solving elements. Players explore different locations, interact with objects and characters, and gather information to progress in the investigation. The game may provide a variety of tools, such as magnifying glasses, forensic kits, or crime scene investigation kits, to aid players in their quest for answers.

Types of Who Done It Puzzle Games

There are various sub-genres and themes within the Who Done It puzzle game category, catering to different player preferences. Some games focus on classic detective stories set in the Victorian era or the 1920s, while others incorporate elements of supernatural or science fiction to add an extra layer of intrigue. Additionally, there are games that emphasize teamwork, allowing players to collaborate with friends or other online players to crack the case together.

Benefits of Who Done It Puzzle Games

Who Done It puzzle games offer numerous benefits for players. They promote problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and logical reasoning as players analyze evidence and draw conclusions. These games also enhance attention to detail and observation skills, as players must pay close attention to the smallest of clues. Additionally, the engaging narratives and immersive gameplay provide a unique form of entertainment and escapism.

Popular Who Done It Puzzle Games

Some popular examples of Who Done It puzzle games include:

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: A courtroom drama where players defend clients and uncover the truth.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments: Players step into the shoes of the legendary detective and solve six thrilling cases.
  • Her Story: A unique game where players review a series of police interview footage to solve a murder mystery.
  • Among Us: A multiplayer game where players work together to identify an imposter among the crew.


Who Done It puzzle games provide an exciting and intellectually stimulating experience for players. Whether you enjoy unraveling intricate mysteries or putting your detective skills to the test, these games offer a thrilling adventure that keeps you engaged from start to finish. So, put on your detective hat and get ready to solve some captivating cases!

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