What Does Fusion Levels Mean In Puzzles And Dragons Game


Puzzles and Dragons is a popular mobile game that combines elements of match-three puzzles with role-playing gameplay. One important aspect of the game is the concept of fusion levels, which play a crucial role in enhancing and evolving monsters. In this article, we will explore what fusion levels mean in the Puzzles and Dragons game and how they impact gameplay.

Understanding Fusion Levels

In Puzzles and Dragons, fusion levels refer to the level of enhancement a monster has undergone through fusion. Fusion is the process of combining two monsters to create a stronger, more powerful version. By fusing monsters together, players can increase their stats, unlock new abilities, and evolve them into higher forms.

The Benefits of Fusion Levels

Increasing the fusion levels of your monsters provides several benefits. Firstly, it boosts their base stats, such as HP (health points), attack power, and recovery. This makes them more effective in battles against powerful enemies. Additionally, higher fusion levels unlock new skills and abilities for your monsters, allowing for more strategic gameplay.

How to Increase Fusion Levels

There are several ways to increase the fusion levels of your monsters in Puzzles and Dragons. The most common method is through fusion itself. By selecting a base monster and sacrificing other monsters as materials, you can fuse them together to increase the base monster’s fusion level. The higher the fusion level of the materials used, the greater the increase in the base monster’s level.

Another way to increase fusion levels is by using special items or enhancing materials obtained through gameplay. These items provide a significant boost to fusion levels and can help accelerate the growth of your monsters.

Considerations for Fusion Levels

While increasing fusion levels is essential for progress in the game, it’s important to consider a few factors. Firstly, fusion levels have a maximum cap for each monster. Once this cap is reached, you will need to evolve the monster to a higher form to continue increasing its stats and abilities.

Additionally, fusion levels require a substantial amount of in-game currency, known as coins. Managing your resources effectively is crucial to ensure you can continue enhancing your monsters without running out of funds.


Fusion levels in Puzzles and Dragons are a key mechanic that allows players to strengthen and evolve their monsters. By increasing fusion levels, players can boost stats, unlock new abilities, and tackle more challenging content in the game. Understanding how fusion levels work and making strategic decisions regarding fusion is essential for success in the game.

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