What Are The Purple Crystals In Puzzle Quest Game


If you are a fan of puzzle games, you might have come across the popular mobile game Puzzle Quest. This game combines the elements of puzzle-solving with role-playing games, creating an addictive and immersive experience. One of the key components of Puzzle Quest is the colorful crystals that players encounter throughout their journey. Among these crystals, the purple ones hold a special significance. In this article, we will explore the role and importance of the purple crystals in the Puzzle Quest game.

The Basics of Puzzle Quest

Before diving into the purple crystals, let’s briefly discuss the basics of the Puzzle Quest game. The game follows a match-three puzzle format where players must align three or more colored gems to create powerful combos and defeat opponents. Each color of the gems represents a different type of mana, which is used to cast spells and perform special abilities.

The Significance of Purple Crystals

In Puzzle Quest, purple crystals are known as “wildcards” or “multi-gems.” Unlike the other colored crystals, the purple crystals can be matched with any other color, allowing players to create versatile combos and strategies. They provide flexibility and are often considered the most valuable crystals in the game.

Strategic Importance

The strategic importance of purple crystals cannot be overstated. They enable players to create more powerful combos by linking different colored gems together. For example, if a player has two purple crystals and two blue crystals on the game board, they can match the purple crystals with the blue ones, effectively creating a combo of four blue gems. This can lead to devastating attacks or the activation of special abilities.

Furthermore, the purple crystals can be used to disrupt the opponent’s strategy. By strategically matching purple crystals, players can prevent their opponents from accessing the mana they need to cast spells or perform powerful moves. This adds an extra layer of tactical thinking to the gameplay, making Puzzle Quest a challenging and engaging experience.

Acquiring Purple Crystals

Purple crystals can be acquired through various means in Puzzle Quest. They can be found as loot after defeating enemies, rewarded for completing quests or challenges, or obtained by using special abilities or spells. Players can also purchase purple crystals from in-game shops or acquire them as rewards for progressing through the game’s storyline.


In conclusion, the purple crystals in Puzzle Quest hold a significant role in gameplay, providing players with strategic advantages and allowing for versatile combos. They add depth and complexity to the puzzle-solving experience, making the game engaging and rewarding. So next time you embark on a Puzzle Quest adventure, keep an eye out for those valuable purple crystals and unleash their power to emerge victorious.

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