Whatʼs That Puzzle Game Jake Brennan Disgraceland Podcast


Have you ever wondered what that puzzle game is that Jake Brennan often talks about on his popular podcast Disgraceland? Well, we have the answers!

The Puzzle Game

The puzzle game that Jake Brennan frequently mentions on Disgraceland is none other than the renowned Rubik’s Cube. This iconic invention has captured the fascination of millions worldwide since its creation in 1974 by Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik.

How it Works

The Rubik’s Cube consists of a 3x3x3 grid of smaller cubes, each with a different colored face. The objective of the game is to twist and turn the cube’s faces until each side contains only one solid color. It may sound simple, but solving the Rubik’s Cube can be an incredibly challenging task that requires logic, strategy, and patience.

Popularity and Legacy

The Rubik’s Cube quickly became a global sensation upon its release, captivating people of all ages and backgrounds. It has since sold over 450 million units, making it one of the best-selling puzzle games in history.

Aside from its popularity as a recreational game, the Rubik’s Cube has also gained recognition as a symbol of problem-solving and perseverance. Its complex nature has led to numerous competitions, where participants race against the clock to solve the cube in record time.

Why Jake Brennan Mentions It

Jake Brennan, the host of Disgraceland, often mentions the Rubik’s Cube during his podcast episodes as a metaphor for untangling complex stories and mysteries surrounding legendary musicians. Just like solving the Rubik’s Cube, investigating the dark and intriguing tales of musicians can be challenging and require piecing together various elements to reveal the truth.


Now you know what that puzzle game is that Jake Brennan refers to on his popular podcast Disgraceland. The Rubik’s Cube, with its timeless popularity and reputation as a symbol of problem-solving, is a fitting metaphor for the mysteries explored on the show. So, next time you hear Jake mention the puzzle game, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the complexity he aims to unravel.

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