‘We need more lawyers in this world,’ promises Adin Ross to pay fan’s law school tuition

With the past few months filled with drama, the streamer community needs a new beat. And he is sure to get it! Recently, IShowSpeed ​​recovered quickly and hopped on a live stream right after, delighting fans. The streamer was in the hospital right after his trip to Japan due to a severe sinus infection. Plus, it’s not just speed that spreads positivity, but also Adin Ross. Streamer Kick recently promised to pay for a fan’s law school tuition.

Recently, for quite some time, the streamer community has seen a lot of skirmishes. Earlier this month, Kai Cenat’s giveaway event spiraled out of control and turned into a riot. Plus, all the drama happening between xQc and his Adept ex-girlfriend has swept the internet in waves. However, out of all the bad things came something good too. Plus, knowing that it’s Adin Ross who’s spreading this positivity, fans are thrilled.

Adin Ross is still traveling in Vegas and streaming his trip every day. Plus, her streams have been a mix of wholesome and outrageous moments. The whole incident with Charleston White directly threatening Adin and his sister was really bad. However, there were plenty of wholesome moments on the stream, like giving $5,000 to a waitress at a restaurant! Plus, Adin doesn’t think he’s stopping anytime soon to spread the positivity.

During a collaboration Cut stream with Sneako, Kick streamer Adin Ross met an aspiring law student. Moreover, Adin even went so far as to promise the student to pay his tuition.

Adin Ross promises to pay for a fan’s law school tuition

(credits: @adinross on Kick)

Adin Ross met this fan during his live Vegas collaboration with Sneako. Also, being a fan, Adin conversed with the guy. And later in their chat, streamer Kick found out the guy was an aspiring law student. Unfortunately, the fan had financial problems. So Adin appeared to him as a messiah and promised to pay his school fees. Adin asked the fan why he wanted to go to college and how much his tuition was. To this the fan mentioned a sum of $5500 per year for 4 years. Adin then says:

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“I’ll pay your tuition, if you’re serious about law school. You better call Saul hah! I’ll pay your tuition, I stumbled upon it! You have to show me the transcripts and everything. Are you going to graduate here too? Then I’ll go to your graduation. Don’t fail brother, we need more lawyers in this world!

Fans were really thrilled to see Adin being such a beacon of positivity. Additionally, many of them compared the streamer to Lil Uzi Vert, who is known for donating money to the needy. This act by Adin Ross was a refreshing change of pace for the community hit by the ongoing drama.

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