WATCH: Xeppa and Zekken miss every Raze Showstopper in Sen vs C9 VCT Americas LCQ match

After sending 100 Rogues home, the Sentinels moved forward to battle the most dominant team in the Americas region, Cloud 9, in VCT Americas LCQ. Sen vs C9 was a highly anticipated match Despite a tough fight against Cloud 9, the Sentinels fell through and lost the series by a score of 2-1. Duelists from both teams showed impressive skills. However, viewers have seen some surprising mishaps with the Raze’s ultimate ability, Showstopper.

Xeppa and Zekken struggled to use this explosive ultimate consistently throughout the game. Raze’s Showstopper is a very powerful ability that can be used to deal massive damage to enemies and turn the tide of battles. But in this match, it became clear that the consistency of the ultimate was not very reliable. For an ult that costs 8 ult points and still fails to do anything, this is sadly awful.

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The Showstopper Misadventures during Sen against C9

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On the second map, Fracture, Xeppa, and Zekken decided to choose Raze for their team. Raze is a very strong Duelist on this map and can wreak havoc around the corner. Both Duelists tried to use the Showstopper to get important kills and help their teams. Unfortunately, it looked like they had been unlucky. The Showstopper missiles kept missing the enemies they were meant to hit, which surprised both fans and players.

Some misses were very hilarious, like when Xeppa tripped into a Cypher tripwire on the A-link while using his ultimate, while others were downright unfortunate. In the 10th round on the fracture, Zekken blasted Xeppa, Jakee and Leaf, and no one suffered a single damage. A lot of people watching the game were really frustrated and complaining that Raze’s Ultimate was not working well.

They said that Riot Games should fix the issue with the area where the ultimate hits, because sometimes it doesn’t do any damage even though it looks like it hits the target perfectly. The fact that there is no clear area where the ultimate does damage further compounded the problem. The failure Showstoppers had a big impact. The ultimate ability can really change the game by getting big kills or taking over an area. Popular content creator Flexinja has also given his thoughts on this incident.

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The same thing happened on the 3rd map, Split too. It seemed like an unlucky day for Raze Main. Most of the time, when Xeppa spawns his ultimate, he can’t find anyone and shoots blind. Fans just saw 2-3 Showstopper kills combined throughout the series, which definitely raised questions about the reliability of Raze’s ultimate.

Cloud9 picked up a very important victory against Sentinels in the VCT LCQ Americas game. They worked well as a team and played very well. The best players were Xeppaa and Leaf. Even though Sentinels played aggressively, Cloud9 stayed strong and didn’t give up. In the end, Cloud9 won the series 2-1. Although he struggled with ultimates, Xeppa made up for it with his gunplay and got 50 kills and was match MVP. Zekken, meanwhile, was the best fragger for the Sentinels due also to impeccable shooting.

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