Valorant Mobile Beta: gameplay, agents and more

The game dominating the current tactical FPS genre is none other than Valorant. Since the inception of the game, it has gained a really large player base. Additionally, Valorant’s major eSports stage, Valorant Champions 2023, has increased the popularity of the game. And with the game being a hit on the PC platform, Riot Games is working on a mobile version of the game. insiders leaking the tutorial section of the game, players can see firsthand how the game plays out.

Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, released the game in 2020, and since then the game has proliferated in popularity. This 5v5 tactical shooter using many unique mechanics with a hint of nostalgia with its gun gameplay, is still Valorant’s main advantage. With agents like Deadlock, Viper, etc., and maps like Lotus, Pearl, etc., make the game one of the best.

Moreover, to honor his fame and popularity, Riot Games is currently working on a mobile version of the game. There had already been news of an upcoming mobile version, but now we are getting a video. Plus, it’s a video showing agents, gameplay, and more!

Valorant Mobile: agents, gameplay and more

Valorant Mobile snapshot (credits: Riot Games)

Riot Games has titled the Chinese version of VALORANT Mobile Project C. Additionally, the closed beta phase of the game was released in China on August 4 as a closed beta. The whole world is waiting for the game to be released, and the fans have already got a first glimpse of the game’s tutorial phase.

The gameplay would be a challenge for a few due to the recoil patterns and ability usage. However, Riot Games should work on this and improve the game for players around the world. The global version still has a considerable time to launch, but the mobile version of Valorant is much closer than it was before!

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