‘Sh*t happy’, fans BRUTALLY troll xQc as he finally does his first sponsored game stream on Kick

Top Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been going through the radiators for a while. He was the talk of the town after it was revealed he cheated on his ex-girlfriend Fran, which was the reason for their breakup. He was then spotted with controversial streamer Adin Ross, and his fans didn’t like it at all. Now he has again faced backlash for performing in his recent stream.

“xQc” was banned from playing for a long time due to the pending divorce settlement with his ex, Adept, another Twitch streamer. But right after returning to Canada, “xQc” recently had its first game stream on Kick. It was sponsored by Stake, the very organization that backs the Kick streaming platform. He spent over $400,000 on the stream playing Razor Returns slot and won over half a billion dollars.

xQc had signed Kick to a non-exclusive contract worth $100 million, and people had speculated at the time that he was going to play on that platform again. During the sponsored stream, the xQc community didn’t have it. They immediately started stalking it for its bad and annoying content. He refuted this by saying that the enemies were waiting for this to put him under fire.

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xQc (via Twitter)

After a clip of him earning half a billion dollars was posted on Reddit, people went crazy over xQc for its content. Some said it was expected with his signing on Kick, a platform known for the game since its inception, while others latched onto all the recent negative news he’s been involved in. sh*t, others said.

xQc has already admitted his gambling addiction and that it was wrong, but he doesn’t care. Fans have already started to lose interest in its content, saying that watching it for three hours at the press of a button is just plain boring. Others mocked him for winning over $500, saying it was all a set-up. He quickly shut down the stream after the criticism.

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Sponsored gaming has been a hot topic, especially after it was banned on Twitch, but he wasn’t against it. He also had a heated argument about it with fellow streamer Pokimane. The old Overwatch Pro had a month-long disaster. He got slammed for his reaction content, then argued with podcaster Ethan Klein about it. His ex-girlfriend, Fran, then revealed that he cheated on her with Adept. Now, with his game stream as well as streams with Adin Ross, things might not calm down for xQc for a while now.

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