Onlyfans actress Amouranth banned from Twitch just weeks after signing Kick deal

Famous Twitch streamers have switched to Kick because of the lucrative offers offered by the platform. With Adin Ross and xQc moving to the platform after receiving a massive deal, Amouranth was next. The Onlyfans actress was handed a big $30 million deal and moved from Twitch to Kick. However, recently Amouranth was banned from Twitch for unknown reasons. This ban really shocked the fans.

Recently, in June 2023, Amouranth signed a deal with Kick right after xQc. The Onlyfans actress took to Twitter after closing the deal and explained how flawed Twitch’s business model was. Additionally, during a recent Kick streamer, Amouranth risked a ban for twerking on Stream, which is against Kick’s policies. However, Twitch banned streamer Kick right after this incident.

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Amouranth banned from Twitch

Amouranth’s Twitch channel after the ban (credits: Twitch)

After his agreement with Cut, the Onlyfans actress streams on both platforms on a rotating basis, though her Twitch streams are shorter than her Kick streams. However, Twitch recently banned Amouranth on June 18. This is Amouranth’s fifth suspension after he was recently banned from Twitch. Many fans have questioned why she was suspended once again, pointing to the controversial streamer’s newly inked partnership with Kick, one of Twitch’s competing streaming services. Amouranth viewers are aware that the platform has often reacted negatively to its racy content in the past.

The streamer has yet to reveal the reason for her ban. Amouranth dodged the bullet of being banned on Kick after the twerking incident during his recent stream. However, it looks like Twitch got so lucky with her. This ban still shocked fans a lot, as some thought the Streamer would be back soon:

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Twitch resolved previous Amouranth bans in one to three days. Fans therefore expect the streamer to return to the platform soon. Additionally, the Onlyfans actress has yet to give a reason for being banned from Twitch.

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