Kick Streamer BruceDropEmOff Gives In-Depth Analysis of the IShowMeat Incident

IDisplaySpeed after finally making his comeback after a short hiatus, immediately got into trouble. The streamer popularized the “IShowMeat” hashtag after accidentally streaming his meat. Popular Broadcaster BruceDropEmOff had a few words to say about the situation.

IShowSpeed ​​came under fire after the internet was furious with it for overreacting. The backlash led him to violate YouTube’s terms of service and display nudity. What added fuel to the fire was when YouTube decided not to act and allowed Speed ​​to continue posting on YouTube.

BruceDropEmOff recently signed with Kick. He has since reacted to the IShowMeat incident and done a thorough analysis of the leaking of his “meat” by IShowSpeed. The hilarious segment amused fans and gave the controversial incident a humorous edge.

BruceDropEmOff gives his analysis on the ‘IShowMeat’ situation

BruceDropEmOff giving his analysis on the IShowMeat situation

BruceDropEmOff started off with humor by releasing his own boxer underwear. He then tells his stream:

“The thing we just talked about (IShowMeat incident), the button here (button on the underwear), if that button is loose, then they are loose goosies indeed. So I’m not gonna lie like, if you had them and that button is loose, or it’s not buttoned, and you’re squirming, then I’m not gonna lie, your shit is bound to escape. Even if you have little toes, damn it, they’re just vibrations.

In a take that is both insightful and amusing, BruceDropEmOff mentioned important things on his stream. He discovered the possibility that it could have been staged, or at least that Speed ​​could have been responsible, knowing that he was wearing such underwear. “Tied to Leak”, the important words mentioned by Bruce made it clear that responsibility could have been taken.

He also hilariously adds, “Some niggas leave their shit open. I ain’t the type of nigga to leave their shit open. But some niggas with a little paw leave it open, you feel me. It’s just a little paw shit”. The fun conclusion he added could have been a dig at IShowSpeed, as he mentioned “little paw”.

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The incident left users wild as IShowSpeed ​​was not responsible enough to prevent the situation from happening. BruceDropEmOff is the latest of many personalities, including Penguinz0, who also reacted. YouTube is also facing heat because they haven’t taken any action yet, as they usually would when YouTubers violate their terms.

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