IShowSpeed ​​Shouldn’t Face YouTube Bans After Showing Its Meat By Accident

Darren, or better known as IShowSpeed, has been seriously criticized for his recent controversy. The YouTube streamer had flashed his genitals while streaming and the whole internet was furious. YouTube eventually responded saying they wouldn’t ban him for the incident.

IShowSpeed ​​has been on the trending pages for a while now. After the streamer visited Japan and met celebrities like Neymar Jr, he encountered an unfortunate cluster headache. The fatal health issue was serious as Speed ​​repeatedly mentioned death and was very emotional when updating fans on his health.

However, after about a 2 week hiatus, IShowSpeed ​​finally came back and boy did it make the comeback. Less than a week after his comeback, Speed ​​is making headlines now, and not for good reason.

YouTube finally responds to the IShowMeat situation

Official statement from YouTube on the situation of IShowSpeed.

The unfortunate situation happened during the stream when Darren was playing a horror game called “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. During a jumpscare, Speed ​​jumped out of his chair and, as usual, overreacted in order to entertain his fans and play the “IShowSpeed” persona. However, he would retaliate when he accidentally flashed the stream, and Twitter erupted with “IShowMeat.”

Following this, users and fans were waiting for a statement from YouTube, as the incident escalated very quickly. However, YouTube was silent for a while, and nearly 18 hours later, YouTube finally responded.

According to TMZ, YouTube contacted Speed ​​to ask it to remove the video containing the incident. However, Speed ​​will continue to upload and no ban or action will be taken against it, although Speed ​​has violated YouTube’s terms. Many fans and streamers are calling out YouTube for the hypocrisy shown. They believe that such an act should be held accountable by such a YouTuber as IDisplaySpeed.

Fans react

IShowSpeed ​​has returned and fans are calling him out for staging this incident. However, Speed ​​claims it was accidental. No statement was released by IShowSpeed ​​itself, but YouTube finally responded and fans aren’t happy, to say the least.

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