Is Outer Wilds A Puzzle Game


Outer Wilds, developed by Mobius Digital, is an open-world exploration game that offers a unique and captivating experience. It combines elements of adventure, mystery, and puzzle-solving to create a truly immersive gameplay. While it may not fit the conventional definition of a puzzle game, Outer Wilds certainly presents players with a plethora of challenging puzzles to solve throughout its vast universe.

Exploration as a Puzzle

Outer Wilds revolves around the concept of exploration. You play as an astronaut who embarks on a journey through a handcrafted solar system, unraveling the mysteries of an ancient alien race. The game places great emphasis on discovery and understanding, making every aspect of the environment a potential puzzle to solve.

Time Loop Mechanics

A central element of Outer Wilds is the time loop mechanic. Every 22 minutes, the universe resets, and you begin your journey anew. This time loop creates a sense of urgency, forcing players to make the most of their limited time to gather information, explore, and solve puzzles before the cycle repeats.

Puzzle Variety

Outer Wilds offers a wide range of puzzles that require critical thinking, observation, and experimentation. From deciphering ancient texts and codes to manipulating gravity and traversing treacherous environments, each puzzle presents a unique challenge that demands attention to detail and logical problem-solving skills.

Non-linear Storytelling

The game’s non-linear storytelling adds another layer of complexity to the puzzle-solving experience. As you explore different celestial bodies and interact with various characters, you gradually piece together the overarching narrative. The fragmented nature of the story encourages players to connect the dots and draw their own conclusions, making the game even more engaging.


While Outer Wilds may not be classified as a traditional puzzle game, its intricate puzzles and emphasis on exploration make it a captivating experience for puzzle enthusiasts. The combination of its time loop mechanics, diverse puzzle types, and non-linear storytelling creates a rich and challenging gameplay environment.

So, if you enjoy unraveling mysteries, exploring fascinating worlds, and engaging in thought-provoking puzzles, Outer Wilds is definitely worth a try.

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