Is Orwell Game A Puzzle


Orwell is a narrative-driven video game developed by Osmotic Studios and published by Surprise Attack Games. It was released in 2016 and is available on various platforms, including PC, macOS, and mobile devices. The game’s unique concept and gameplay mechanics have sparked discussions about whether Orwell can be considered a puzzle game.

Understanding Orwell

In Orwell, players assume the role of a government agent who uses a surveillance program to investigate potential threats to national security. The game revolves around collecting and analyzing digital information, including emails, chat logs, social media posts, and news articles, to piece together a narrative and identify individuals of interest.

Puzzle Elements in Orwell

While Orwell’s primary focus is on storytelling and decision-making, it incorporates several puzzle-like elements that enhance the gameplay experience. These elements can be classified into the following categories:

Information Organization

Players must carefully organize and connect various pieces of information to create a coherent narrative. They need to analyze the collected data and determine the relationships between different characters, events, and locations. This process involves critical thinking and problem-solving skills, similar to solving puzzles.

Logical Deduction

As players progress through the game, they encounter conflicting information and hidden motives. To uncover the truth, they must engage in logical deduction by examining evidence, evaluating statements, and drawing conclusions. This aspect of Orwell requires players to think analytically and solve complex puzzles of deception and manipulation.

Time Management

One of the game’s challenges is managing time effectively. Players must prioritize which pieces of information to investigate and analyze, as they have limited resources and time constraints. Making strategic decisions and solving time-related puzzles are crucial to progress in the game.


While Orwell may not fit the traditional definition of a puzzle game, it undeniably incorporates puzzle-like elements into its gameplay. The need for information organization, logical deduction, and time management parallels the mechanics found in many puzzle games. Orwell’s unique blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving makes it an engaging and thought-provoking experience for players.

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