Is Link A Puzzle Game

Is Link A Puzzle Game


Link is a popular character from the iconic video game series, The Legend of Zelda. The franchise is known for its action-adventure gameplay, but many fans argue that it also includes puzzle elements. In this article, we will explore whether Link can be considered a puzzle game and analyze the reasoning behind this perspective.

1. The Puzzle Elements in The Legend of Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda series is renowned for its intricate puzzles that players must solve to progress through the game. These puzzles often involve manipulating objects, finding hidden passages, or deciphering clues. The puzzles are an integral part of the gameplay, challenging players to think critically and strategically. From navigating dungeons to unlocking secrets, puzzle-solving is an essential aspect of the game.

2. Puzzle Dungeons and Temples:

One of the most recognizable features of The Legend of Zelda games is the presence of complex dungeons and temples. These locations are filled with puzzles that players must solve to advance further. These puzzles can range from simple tasks such as pushing blocks or lighting torches to more elaborate challenges requiring the use of multiple items or weapons. The dungeons and temples serve as puzzle-filled mazes, testing the player’s problem-solving skills.

3. Item-Based Puzzles:

Another aspect of The Legend of Zelda that contributes to its puzzle-like nature is the use of various items and tools. Link’s arsenal includes items like the boomerang, hookshot, and bombs, which are often crucial in solving puzzles. Players must figure out how to use these items effectively to progress in the game. For instance, using the boomerang to hit distant switches or using bombs to blow up obstacles are common puzzle-solving techniques.

4. Environmental Puzzles:

The game world in The Legend of Zelda is often designed in a way that presents environmental puzzles. Players encounter obstacles like locked doors, movable blocks, or hidden pathways that require careful observation and experimentation to overcome. These puzzles often involve interacting with the environment by pushing objects, manipulating water levels, or using the game’s physics to their advantage. Figuring out how to navigate the terrain becomes a puzzle in itself.

5. Logic and Riddle-Based Puzzles:

In addition to spatial and item-based puzzles, The Legend of Zelda series also incorporates logic puzzles and riddles. Players encounter characters who provide cryptic clues or challenges that require deciphering. These puzzles may involve finding patterns, solving mathematical equations, or unraveling hidden messages. They test the player’s ability to think critically and solve problems using deductive reasoning.


While The Legend of Zelda series is primarily categorized as an action-adventure game, it undeniably contains numerous puzzle elements. From intricate dungeon puzzles to item-based and environmental challenges, players are constantly engaged in solving problems to progress through the game. This fusion of action and puzzles is what makes The Legend of Zelda series unique and beloved by millions of gamers worldwide. So, yes, Link can definitely be considered a puzzle game, albeit within the broader genre of action-adventure.

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