Is Gris A Puzzle Game


Gris is a critically acclaimed indie video game developed by Spanish studio Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Released in December 2018, the game quickly gained popularity for its beautiful art style, atmospheric soundtrack, and emotionally-driven narrative. While many consider Gris to be a puzzle-platformer, it can be argued that its puzzle elements take a backseat to its artistic and emotional aspects.

The Puzzle Elements in Gris

Although Gris is not solely focused on puzzles, it does incorporate puzzle-solving elements throughout the gameplay. Players control the protagonist, a young girl named Gris, as she navigates a surreal and dreamlike world. Along the way, she encounters obstacles and challenges that require problem-solving skills to overcome. These challenges often involve manipulating the environment, finding hidden paths, or interacting with various objects.

The Artistic and Emotional Focus

What sets Gris apart from traditional puzzle games is its emphasis on artistry and emotional storytelling. The game’s hand-drawn visuals, inspired by watercolor paintings, create a visually stunning and ethereal experience. The world of Gris is filled with breathtaking landscapes and imaginative creatures, which serve to evoke emotions and immerse players in a unique atmosphere.

Furthermore, the narrative of Gris is woven together with the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and healing. Without giving away too much, the game explores themes of grief, loss, and personal growth. The emotional impact of the story is enhanced by the stunning visuals and the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack composed by Berlinist.

The Balance between Puzzles and Artistry

While Gris does feature puzzles, they are often integrated seamlessly into the game’s artistic and emotional experience. The puzzles serve as a means to progress the narrative and further immerse players into the world, rather than being the primary focus. The difficulty level of the puzzles is relatively low compared to other puzzle games, allowing players to enjoy the game’s aesthetics and narrative without significant frustration or hindrance.


In summary, Gris can be considered a puzzle game, but it goes beyond the traditional definition of the genre. It is a game that prioritizes artistry, emotion, and storytelling, creating a captivating experience for players. The puzzles in Gris are cleverly designed to complement the game’s aesthetics and narrative, rather than overshadowing them. Whether you are a fan of puzzle games or simply appreciate beautiful and immersive experiences, Gris is worth exploring.

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