“I would masturbate”, Adin Ross REVEALS visualizing Andrew Tate whenever he feels

Fans know the notorious Adin Ross And Andrew Tate chemistry now. Once again they have collaborated on stream and fans couldn’t be more excited to see the duo back. Is this a motivational video? Is this a prank video? Nobody knows. The sober Tate and the awkward Adin reunited after a few weeks to entertain the world of influencers.

Andrew Tate hosted his infamous “emergency meetingas usual and said they have Adin Ross as a guest on July 18. Tate streamed it on Rumble and Adin streamed it on Kick. This stream will later include the likes of Jacques-Paul, Adam22, And LenaThePlug for a very entertaining saga. When Jake Paul joins the stream, the conversation takes a strange turn when Adin Ross gets suspenseful.

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Adin Ross stopped masturbating because he thought of Andrew Tate every time he did

Jake Paul live with Andrew Tate and Adin Ross

As if Adin hadn’t caused enough of a stir to be known as a very “known” character, Adin has reached new heights. In his recent Kick stream with Andrew Tate and Jake Paul, he interrupted the two during their insightful conversation to reveal some rather bizarre news.

He said, “Andrew, you know you helped me stop m*turbing. Because every time I masturbate, I’ll think about you, and I’ll say no it’s not right – I’m going to stop”. At this, Jake bursts out laughing as Adin implies, “I said I stop doing this now. No, for real you put it in my brain, now I haven’t in months”.

Andrew, as usual, kept his stoic character, which is the usual Adin-Andrew vibe he adheres to, and didn’t give in to seemingly humorous assertiveness. It was nothing new compared to the ridiculous things Adin is known for. Therefore, it now broadcasts on Cuta more lenient and less censored streaming platform that isn’t as strict as Twitch and its competitors.

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As expected, fans flooded Twitter with funny reactions. Sharing a wide range of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Adin also mentioned that it was their ” birthday“, like a year ago, he and Andrew Tate jumped on the stream for the first time. His antics always seem entertaining compared to a stoic, straightforward character like Tate. Adin even flew to Dubai before, before Tate was arrested in December 2022 and aired with Tate. However, now they’re back and fans couldn’t be more excited.

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