‘I don’t give a damn’, Andrew Tate BRUTALLY BASHES Adin Ross on his drug addiction history

Adin Ross’ name comes up often whenever there is controversy or drama. Additionally, Adin has an extensive history of drug addiction. Throughout the past year, Adin has tried to curb his addiction, only to fall back into it. Others have heavily attacked the famous streamer Kick over his dark past. However, this time another highly controversial personality and Adin’s mentor, Andrew Tate, launched the attack.

Everyone knows how close the relationship between Adin Ross and Andrew Tate is. Andrew has always acted as a mentor to Adin. Additionally, Adin was among the few people who visited Andrew while he was in prison in Romania. Andrew has been a great help to Adin throughout his drug addiction journey. However, Adin has been known to relapse too quickly. And this time, it looks like even Andrew may have ditched the Kick streamer.

Recently, Adin Ross and Andrew Tate reunited for a collaborative stream. Dana White was supposed to be the guest of this stream. However, he was unable to do so for some unforeseeable reason. However, what happened during this Start the stream was wild.

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Andrew Tate slams Adin Ross for drug relapse

Adin & Andrew on the recent Adin stream (credits: Adin Ross on Kick)

During the recent special broadcast, Adin Ross and Andrew Tate heated up the conversation. Adin was explaining to Andrew how he was going to overcome his drug addiction. He said,

“Hey, just to tell me, I quit drugs. I am making changes in my life for the better. And watch how by the end of 2023, when you actually see me the way you were meant to see me, you’ll be like, “Wow!” » You will be happy, and you will really understand!

However, to this Andrew said, “I’ve heard all that bullshit from you before, Adin. I am no longer emotionally invested. I don’t care if you find yourself homeless on the streets, a fentaNYL addict injecting you with the poison you need that day. Don’t even text me. I do not care. I’ve tried long enough with you, and for some reason, you keep falling back into degeneracy. So I am no longer emotionally interested in your life path. I don’t care if you become the most famous man in the world, which of course won’t happen because it’s me or some drug-drunk shit somewhere down the street in LA about the time when you had a career in streaming. Either way, it makes absolutely no difference to me. I do not worry. »

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Fans were truly on the edge of their seat when this happened. However, given their previous collaboration streams, fans are calling it another satirical event. And also, it may seem like Andrew isn’t interested, but he does care about Adin Ross. So fans just laughed it off and called the incident a duo joke.

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