“I almost jumped off a building,” admits IShowSpeed ​​when contemplating SUICIDE during his days in hospital

The streamer community has been in turmoil for quite some time, with loads of terrible things happening every day. Additionally, the recent drama between Adin Ross and YouTube comedian Charleston White has sparked a lot of debate online. The Kai Cenat cast event that turned into a riot earlier this month raised a lot of questions in the community. However, some healthy news has come quite recently. IShowSpeed, who was in a hospital, has just made a full recovery and opened up about his recovering mental health, including contemplating suicide during the last stream.

The famous streamer IShowSpeed ​​was on a long-awaited trip to Japan early last month. Plus, the Steamboat has done loads of horrible stuff, from dissenting from Naruto to hiring a girlfriend. However, everything got worse, especially at the end of his trip when a cluster of headaches hit him. The condition got so bad that the streamer developed a huge bump over his right eye. Also, Speed ​​had to be hospitalized because of it and spent several days there.

Additionally, IShowSpeed ​​hopped on a live stream right after he was released from the hospital. The live stream on its Youtube channel was a delight for fans who were eagerly waiting to hear from the streamer. Additionally, the streamer talked about a lot of things on this live, including his mental health and even his suicide.

Speed ​​spoke about his mental state during his first days in the hospital. He even discussed the poor state of his head, smiling as he worked on recovery and improvement. Fans really praised this side of their favorite streamer and called him “the best streamer ever”.

IShowSpeed ​​talks about suicide and his mental health in recovery

(credits: ishowspeed on YouTube)

The IShowSpeed ​​YouTube star developed a severe sinus infection that completely swelled his right eye during a trip to Japan in mid-July, leading to his hospitalization. According to Speed, the cluster headaches were so excruciatingly painful that he feared for his life. Fortunately, the streamer was able to gradually improve in the hospital.

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IShowSpeed ​​went on to talk about his poor mental state during the first days of hospitalization. The streamer even talked about how he considered killing himself and said he was about to jump off the building. He said,

“Brother, I almost fcking is dead. I almost jumped out of afcking building, cat. I was about to jump off a Japanese building. And I’m not trolling, mate. I am dead. I swear on my life, mate. It was really awful, mate. I literally had the worst sinus infection. It got super, super bad. And the sinus infection was causing cluster headaches. … I pray that none of you in the chat suffer from cluster headaches. It’s as if someone had a knife in his eye and stabbed him in the back of the eye. He’s the one who almost killed me. He’s the one who almost got me. …I’ve been through so much. I am still healing.

Although Speed ​​is now in good condition and has almost fully recovered. Fans were really happy to see their beloved streamer after so long and are celebrating his return to the streaming community. Speed ​​also enjoyed a lot of streamers watching him during his hospital days and especially Adin Ross who even reacted to Speed’s recent stream.

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