How To Play Fill One Line Puzzle Game

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Fill One Line is a popular puzzle game that challenges your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The game consists of a grid with various shapes, and your goal is to fill the entire grid by connecting the shapes in a single line without overlapping or leaving any empty spaces. This article will guide you through the basic rules and strategies to master this addictive puzzle game.

Rules of the Game

1. Start by selecting a shape from the given options. Each shape consists of a specific number of squares.

2. Place the selected shape on the grid by clicking on an empty cell. You can rotate the shape by clicking on it again.

3. The shape must be placed in a way that it connects to the existing blocks on the grid, forming a continuous line.

4. Once a shape is placed, it cannot be moved or rotated again.

5. Your goal is to fill the entire grid with the given shapes, connecting them in a single line without any overlaps or empty spaces.

Strategies to Excel

1. Start with the corners: Begin by placing shapes in the corner cells of the grid. This allows you to create a solid foundation and build the line outward from the corners.

2. Utilize the edges: Along with the corners, the edges of the grid provide a good starting point. Try to fill the edges with shapes that can connect to multiple other shapes, allowing for more flexibility in expanding the line.

3. Plan ahead: Analyze the given shapes and grid before making any moves. Try to visualize how the shapes can be connected to cover the entire grid without any gaps. Planning ahead will help you make more strategic decisions and avoid dead ends.

4. Rotate wisely: Rotating the shapes can often open up new possibilities for connecting them. Experiment with different rotations to find the best fit for each shape.

5. Clearing obstacles: Sometimes, certain shapes may block the path for further connections. Look for opportunities to clear these obstacles by filling adjacent cells, allowing for the line to continue.


Fill One Line is a challenging and addictive puzzle game that requires logical thinking and careful planning. By understanding the rules and applying strategic approaches, you can improve your skills and master this brain-teasing game. So, start filling those lines and enjoy the satisfaction of completing each puzzle!

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