How Do You Equip Troops In Empires And Puzzles Game


Empires and Puzzles is a popular mobile game that combines strategic empire building with puzzle-solving gameplay. In this game, players can recruit and train various heroes to form powerful teams. To enhance the abilities of these heroes, players can equip them with troops. Troops provide additional stats and special abilities, making them essential for success in battles and raids.

Recruiting Troops

To equip troops, you first need to recruit them. Troops can be obtained through various means in the game:

  • Training Camps: You can train troops in your training camps by using food and recruits. Different training levels offer different chances of obtaining rare or epic troops.
  • Summoning Portal: The game features a summoning portal where players can spend gems or other in-game currency to summon troops. The chances of obtaining higher-star troops increase with more valuable currency.
  • Events and Quests: Special events and quests occasionally offer troops as rewards. Participating in these events can provide an opportunity to acquire troops with unique abilities.

Equipping Troops

Once you have recruited troops, you can equip them to your heroes. Follow these steps to equip troops:

  1. Select a Hero: Choose the hero you want to equip with troops. Heroes have different troop slots depending on their rarity and level.
  2. Tap on the Hero: Tap on the chosen hero to open their details screen.
  3. Tap “Troops”: Within the hero details screen, locate and tap the “Troops” option.
  4. Select a Troop: A list of available troops will appear. Choose the troop you wish to equip to your hero.
  5. Confirm Your Selection: Once you have selected a troop, confirm your choice to equip it to the hero.

Upgrading Troops

To make your troops even more powerful, you can upgrade them. Upgrading troops requires feeding them with other troops or using specific items obtained in the game. The higher the troop’s level, the more powerful it becomes, providing increased stats and unlocking additional special abilities.


Equipping troops in Empires and Puzzles is an important aspect of the game that enhances the abilities of your heroes. By recruiting troops through various means and selecting the right troops for each hero, you can create formidable teams capable of conquering challenging battles and raids. Remember to also upgrade your troops to maximize their potential. Good luck in your quest for domination!

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