Genshin Impact: Glow Sweet Bell Complete Location Guide

Set in the vast world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact continues to captivate players with its diverse landscapes, challenging quests, and intriguing characters. The introduction of new regions and new materials in game updates keeps the excitement going, and Update 4.0 brought to life the charming Fountain region, along with a unique local specialty known as Glowsweet Bell. This guide will dive into the details of Glow in the Dark Bell locations, helping players efficiently gather these essential resources for character ascension and progression.

La Cloche Lumidouce is an essential local specialty in the Fontaine region. Players will find it essential for leveling up the recently introduced Anemo character, Lynette. As with many local specialties in Genshin Impact, the Glow Bell is not only a key item for character enhancement, but also a beautifully crafted item that adds depth to the game’s world-building.

Exploring Glow Bell locations in Genshin Impact

The Fountain region offers players a plethora of Glow Bell spawn points, ensuring a varied and engaging gathering experience. It is part of the brand new 4.0 update, allowing players to explore this rich area. Let’s break down the notable Glow Bell locations and their respective farming routes:

Elynas region

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The heart of the Lumidouce Bell harvest is in the Elynas region. Here, players can discover a myriad of spawning locations that promise bountiful yields. With a total of ten designated spots, the Elynas region is a true paradise for Lumidouce Bell enthusiasts.

As you teleport to the Waypoint, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a landscape adorned with nine Glow-in-the-Dark Bell spawn points. The convenience of proximity to the Waypoint ensures a seamless gathering experience, allowing players to amass these valuable resources quickly.

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Traveling further along the eastern coast of the Elynas region reveals an additional trio of Glowsweet Bell spawn points. Here, players must scale a gentle cliff, adding an element of adventure to the collecting process. These three Lumidouce Bell clusters illustrate the region’s unique diversity of terrain and exploration.

Court of Fountain

Genshin Impact: Glow Sweet Bell Complete Location GuideImage via HoYoverse

Looking north from the Court of Fountain leads adventurers to another cluster of Glowsweet Bell spawn points. This region offers eight distinct locations, collectively hosting a bountiful harvest of 24 Softlight Bells. Navigating this area involves crossing enchanting landscapes and providing players with a change of scenery from the Elynas region.

Fountain of Lucina

Genshin Impact: Glow Sweet Bell Complete Location GuideImage via HoYoverse

While small compared to other locations, the Softglow Bell spawn points near the Lucine Fountain have their own allure. Here, players will have to show off their gliding skills, following a carefully laid out path after teleporting. The two spawn points may be fewer in number, but they contribute to the game’s focus on exploration and clever maneuvering.

West side of Mont Automnequi

Genshin Impact: Glow Sweet Bell Complete Location GuideImage via HoYoverse

The western slopes of Mont Automnequi offer a unique touch to the course of the Lumidouce Bell collection. This area has four spawn points that collectively produce twelve Glowsweet Bells. Two of these spawn points are adjacent to a teleport waypoint, providing quick access. The other two require players to take a route south, descending from the edge of a cliff to discover the Softglow Bells nestled at the base of the cliff.

Effective agricultural routes and strategies

When navigating these locations, it is important to optimize your farming routes for efficient gameplay. Use teleport waypoints strategically to minimize travel time, and consider using a glider to quickly move between different spawn points. Plus, be prepared to navigate various terrains, including cliffs and circular paths.

Keep in mind that Glowsweet Bells, like other local specialties, have a respawn period of 48 hours after being harvested. To maximize the yield from your collection, consider visiting multiple worlds if necessary, especially if you want to raise Lynette to higher levels.

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The Lumidouce Bell location guide in Genshin Impact offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Fontaine region while efficiently collecting these valuable resources. The various spawn points scattered throughout the region allow players to tailor their gathering strategies to their preferences, enhancing their overall gaming experience. As the world of Teyvat continues to evolve with each update, finding local specialties like the Glow Bell remains a rewarding aspect of Genshin Impact’s engaging gameplay.

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