De Blob Xbox Puzzle Games


De Blob is a series of puzzle video games developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment and published by THQ. Originally released for the Xbox 360, De Blob has gained popularity for its unique gameplay mechanics and colorful art style. The game offers hours of puzzle-solving fun, making it a favorite among gamers of all ages.


In De Blob, players control a character named Blob, who is on a mission to save the city of Chroma from an evil corporation that has drained all color from the world. Blob has the ability to absorb and mix colors, and the objective is to paint the city and its inhabitants to restore joy and vibrancy.

The game features various levels, each presenting different challenges and puzzles. Players must navigate through the city, solving puzzles, painting buildings, and battling enemies while collecting power-ups to enhance Blob’s abilities. The puzzles range from simple color-matching tasks to more complex challenges that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

Art Style and Graphics

One of the standout features of De Blob is its unique art style and vibrant graphics. The game world is presented in a charming and colorful manner, with each level offering a distinct visual theme. The graphics bring the city to life, with every stroke of paint adding to the overall beauty and vibrancy of the environment.

Multiplayer Mode

De Blob also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up with friends and tackle the puzzles together. This cooperative mode adds a whole new level of excitement and strategy, as players must work together to overcome challenges and achieve the objectives.

Sequels and Remastered Versions

The success of the original De Blob game led to the development of sequels and remastered versions for various platforms, including Xbox One. De Blob 2 introduced new gameplay mechanics and expanded the story, providing players with even more colorful and challenging puzzles to solve.

In 2017, a remastered version of the original De Blob was released for Xbox One, offering enhanced graphics and improved performance. This allowed both new and old fans of the game to experience the joy of painting the town red, blue, or any other color they desired.


De Blob Xbox puzzle games provide a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. With its captivating art style, challenging puzzles, and cooperative multiplayer mode, the series has gained a loyal following. Whether you are a fan of puzzle games or simply enjoy immersing yourself in a vibrant world, De Blob is definitely worth a try.

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