Call Of Duty Releases Official Trailer For Upcoming Modern Warfare 3 Featuring Iconic Captain Price

Activision has regularly released the Call of Duty series, despite having been around for decades. The buzz surrounding the game has also increased due to the revival of the Modern Warfare franchise in 2019. Additionally, the third part of the reboot series, Modern Warfare 3, is fast approaching. Plus, this installment will feature some of the show’s best characters, from antagonist Makarov to fan-favorite Captain Price.

Earlier this year, rumors of an upcoming Call of Duty game were at a fever pitch. Activision predicted not to release a new installment for the Modern Warfare series after the release of the second part in 2022. However, fans are now excited for the next game with the launch of the new trailer. Additionally, the new trailer gave fans their first look at Modern Warfare 3 gameplay!

Activision seems to have pulled out all the stops with its new game by bringing back some iconic characters. Additionally, the new trailer previews the many new features and gameplay players can expect in Modern Warfare 3! Additionally, the developers will release the game on November 10, and fans have marked their calendars.

Modern Warfare 3: Gameplay look with Captian Price back in the franchise

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (credits: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will soon be making its way to gaming platforms around the world. With a gameplay trailer filled with awe-inspiring moments, the franchise’s newest entry makes its grand entrance into the public eye. Players will fight a battle alongside Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, and the rest of Task Force 141 against Makarov, who joins the reboot as the primary enemy.

Additionally, the game will bring back the OG Zombie mode, still from the original installment. Fans have been really excited for everything Modern Warfare 3 will provide. Additionally, players could choose their playstyle from stealth to full offensive combat with cinematic campaign missions. The launch date of the game is slowly approaching and the fans are waiting early for the game to release soon! The game is now available for pre-order on the official websites.

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