Andrew Tate shares a HILARIOUS story about his time in Thailand streaming with Adin Ross, Adam22 and Lena The Plug

In a recent live stream on the Kick platform featuring popular personalities Adin Ross, Adam22 and Lena The Plug, viewers were treated to a fascinating conversation with Andrew Tate. The former kickboxer, currently embroiled in legal issues, shared a hilarious and peculiar anecdote from his time in Thailand. The story left audiences both amused and intrigued.

Andrew, known for his straightforward nature, responded to a proposition made by Adam22 saying: “There’s no way I’ll agree. It’s not because Lena is particularly unattractive, it’s because she’s married to Adam. I’m not interested in “degenerate useless sex”. Adam’s idea is “generally haram”, and I will not “allow” my wife to do that. »

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Andrew Tate recalls a funny incident in Thailand

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While streaming on CutAndrew Tate candidly recalled his experience saying: “One day while I was driving home to Thailand, a person who looked to be about 55 years old pointed at me and exclaimed, ‘Hey, I can tell by the way you walk, you have a big cock.’ It was so unexpected, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

The conversation covered various topics, including Lena The Plug’s past intimate scene with adult entertainment star Jason Luv. However, it was Andrew Tate’s story that added humor and bizarre experiences to the discussion.

As Andrew recounted with a laugh, the fun encounter didn’t end there, he shared. “When I was out with a Swedish girl, the same ‘trans’ person said out loud ‘big d**k’, which caused a stir in the bar. My date was puzzled and I did my best to explain that I had never been involved with the “transsexual” individual.

While sharing his escapades, Andrew Tate’s outspoken, unfiltered personality remained evident. He did not hesitate to express his thoughts. When the conversation touched on sensitive topics like Lena’s previous intimate scene with Jason Luv, he didn’t hold back.

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Adin Ross’ stream with Andrew Tate, Adam22 and Lena The Plug proved to be an engaging and entertaining experience, showcasing the camaraderie and authenticity that keep their fans coming back for more. As Andrew Tate’s Thai story lingers in viewers’ minds, it serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unexpected encounters can become the most unforgettable stories.

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