Adam22 admits he was TURNED ON by his wife Lena’s new BBC video during Adin Ross livestream

Adam Grandmaison and Lena Nersesian, who also go through Adam22 and LenaThePlug, have recently been talked about on the Internet. The married couple have agreed to let Lena pursue an adult scene with famous adult star, Jason Luv, despite getting married less than 2 months ago. The video is now available on Lena’s OnlyFans and has taken the internet by storm.

This prompted Kick streamer Adin Ross to invite them to a stream again, as Adin does with any popular streamer facing controversy from the media. This time though, he was joined by Andrew Tate, live on Rumble to add a touch of intrigue and wrap things up. Andrew Tate is known to find content such as Adam22 distasteful.

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Adam22 admits to enjoying Lena’s recent livestream video with Adin Ross

On Adin RossIn Andrew Tate’s last stream on July 18, 2023, he invited Adam22 and his wife to the stream to discuss his ongoing controversy. When the subject of his wife’s last scene came up, Adam went on to explain how “Actually, she’s not going to do this forever. But we decided it made a lot of sense to her, you know, seize the moment when she still has the youth of her and drink a black c**k for the f***in paper MAN” .

Just then, Lena responds “He liked it, he liked watching the video” answered by Adam22 “Ehh, I was a little excited about that, I’m not going to lie”. Adam’s unwavering trust and Adin’s flabbergasted reactions pretty much summed up the sides the internet was taking. Adam22 seems not to fall under the pressure and redoubles his efforts by refusing to see the slightest flaw in this controversy.

Fans react to this incident

The flow was not as fans expected and was quite respectful between the 2 opposing points of view. They continue to talk about monogamous relationships and how Adam22 and LenaThePlug are happy with the way their relationship is.

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As usual, the hate seems to be the biggest draw, and fans don’t agree with Adam’s point of view. With every new stream or appearance on the internet, he always gets more attention with his opinions and takes and it seems to work from a media perspective. Andrew Tate had his fair share of opinions but managed to remain civil. Nevertheless, the internet seems to be well invested and their names remain on the internet for quite some time.

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