A Game That Is Like Gang Beasts But Is Puzzles


Gang Beasts is a popular multiplayer party game known for its quirky physics-based brawling mechanics. However, for those seeking a different kind of challenge, a game that combines the fun of Gang Beasts with puzzles can offer a unique and engaging experience. This article will explore a game that blends the chaotic nature of Gang Beasts with mind-bending puzzles, delivering an exciting and intellectually stimulating adventure.

The Concept

In this game, players step into a world filled with colorful characters, seemingly innocent at first glance. However, as the game progresses, players quickly realize that these characters possess unique abilities and skills that can be harnessed to solve a variety of puzzles.

The Gameplay

Similar to Gang Beasts, players can control characters with simple and intuitive controls. The characters can interact with the environment and each other to manipulate objects, activate switches, or overcome obstacles. However, instead of engaging in chaotic brawls, players must work together to decipher intricate puzzles and progress through the game’s levels.

The puzzles can be designed to require the coordination of multiple players, encouraging collaboration and communication. Each character’s abilities will be crucial to overcoming specific challenges, making teamwork a vital component of success. Players may need to stack characters to reach high platforms, use characters’ unique powers to manipulate objects, or combine abilities to unlock new areas.

The Challenges

The game can offer a variety of puzzle challenges that increase in complexity and difficulty as players advance. These challenges can include navigating mazes, solving riddles, finding hidden paths, or even unraveling time-based puzzles. The game can also incorporate elements of platforming and physics-based puzzles, utilizing the characters’ abilities to interact with the environment in innovative ways.

Multiplayer Experience

One of the key aspects of Gang Beasts that players enjoy is its multiplayer experience. Similarly, this puzzle-based game can also provide a thrilling multiplayer mode where friends can team up to tackle the challenges together. Whether online or locally, players can collaborate, strategize, and combine their characters’ abilities to conquer the puzzles as a united front.


A game that blends the chaotic fun of Gang Beasts with mind-bending puzzles offers a unique and refreshing gaming experience. By combining intuitive controls, vibrant characters, and challenging puzzles, players can immerse themselves in an intellectually stimulating adventure that encourages teamwork and communication. If you are a fan of both puzzle-solving and multiplayer mayhem, this game could be a perfect match for you!

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