• Looking for a stealth challenge?

    Being a good RGB Agent requires a lot of talent

A challenging arcade stealth puzzle game

Perfect to spend a few minutes completing some levels or playing hours getting all the challenges

Blend with the environment

Across 5 crazy missions and 75 levels discovering different enemies and mechanics in order to complete super secret missions only achievable by a RGB Agent.

A mix of good reflexes, timing and strategy

The RGB Agent Snowdy needs to avoid being spotted thanks to his color-changing mechanisms. Observe the moves of your enemies, choose the right path and start running to the next safe spot.

Simplying stealth to its core

Being a RGB agent demands taking pics of a celebrity and her lover at her bedroom or getting the secret formula of a famous drink company to name some examples.

Get your cardboard box
and sneak in trough enemy lines

Short levels and contained enough that translate perfectly to on-the-go gaming. Intuitive controls combined with challenging achievements and speed-running possibilities. On top of that, have you ever seen a chameleon with a turtleneck sweater?

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¡Hola! Tras el éxito del hilo de profesionales mujeres de la industria de los videojuegos en España, me gustaría hacer otro que también puede ayudar a encontrar puestos de trabajo, sobre todo a quien está empezando su carrera o se encuentra en búsqueda de empleo.

Then so be it. A video game character will be!

Any suggestions?? 😜

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